April 25th (Tue),2023 Deep Osaka Food Tours, Absolute Foodie Option for Kid(s)


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The exact meeting location is: DOBUTSUENMAE EXIT 1, top of the stairs …stand in front of the 15 low hanging lanterns of this building https://goo.gl/maps/nYmmBf2WVyvZMiSa7

COMING BY SUBWAY? Use the ELEVATOR to get to exit 1 (exit 1 is on the street level, where you see the vehicle traffic) stand in front of the 15 low hanging lanterns.

COMING BY TAXI? …you MAY NOT SEE THE EXIT 1 SIGN IF YOUR COMING BY TAXI (exit 1 meeting point is across the road from exit 2 (12m away)….exit 1 is easy to find…its in front of this slots building…Remember you must ask the taxi driver to drop you off at exit 1 (not at any other exit as some of the exits are more than 300m away) Show the taxi driver the above link.

Best to arrive at 5:15~5:20pm as we start the tour at exactly 5:30pm. No catch up!