The Yakuza Tour

The only yakuza tour ever worldwide. Just launching this new tour! 

This is a completely new and unique tour. The only tour in japan featuring a Yakuza.

What's included in the tour?

  • 1.5hr walk through of the Yakuza stronghold zone understanding the “code”
  • A former gaoled crime figure repenting his past and coming clean 
  • A 30mins life story presentation and a Q&A over a seafood dinner
  • No embellishment: true first hand personal accounts & facts of the underworld

What else should i know?

This tour is 100% safe.. Our reformed yakuza has mended his ways and now lives a decent, honest life

This tour is available on request. Please contact us below with your prefered dates (give us 3 preferred dates)

This is a night time tour, please check the weather and dress accordingly

If we need to cancel the tour due to weather, we will contact you 3 hours before the tour starts and refund your payment in full

You will be walking for around 1.5 hours on flat surfaces so please bring confortable walking shoes

Please arrive 10 minutes before starting time so that we can commence ontime 

This tour is not suitable for children.

Vegetarian options are available

No alcohol drinks are provided on this tour but can be purchased at the restaurants

Contact us below to book the Yakuza tour! 

Your Guide

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