Hotspots and Hidden Gems of Osaka Private Tour

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We’ll introduce you to the famous spots and hidden gems of Osaka, paired with stories about each and every one of them.


Embark on a vetted Osaka adventure that was showcased on Channel 5 British TV’s “Jane McDonald in Japan.” This tour is not your average experience—it’s a genuine, quirky, and unfiltered snapshot of Osaka. 

All your insider guides will entertain you with personal stories, historical facts, and plenty of enthusiasm and humor. 

Slip through non-touristy alleys, traverse the seafood markets, discover what Osaka is well known for and view the Osaka Castle from is majestic grounds. 

What’s Included

☑Private personalized tour with a local guide
☑Choose your hours: 4hrs, 5hrs, 7hrs
☑1 Can Drink & 1 small side dish (likely 1 takoyaki ball)

Not Included

× Entry tickets to any attractions
× Transport Costs (normally none, or just 2 short rides of the train)
× Food & Drink is not included (except for 1 drink & a small side dish)

What To Expect


❶ Hozenji Yokocho These hard to find winding, cobblestone alleys steeped with character & tradition. We’ll also find walls painted with Osaka’s history etched into it.

❷ Dotonbori River Visiting Osaka’s Dotonbori River is a must… of our highlights. Along side this picturesque scene is a treasure trove full of more than a variety of stores to entertain you.

❸ Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street Japanese fashion is unique, wonderful and crazy. Also see the wacky and cool gadget stores.

❹ Ebisubashi The original bridge was made out of wood in the 1600’s…more than 400yrs later it still stand but now made out of iron. It is at the very heart of Osaka and is known as the local meeting spot. Snap a few pics here.

❺ America Mura We’ll guide you to hidden streets in this area where it has Japan’s version of what they think America is. hahah, it even has a statue of liberty on top of a building. Comical and outlandish.

❻ Kuromon Market We’ll step into some fish market stores that look unremarkable from the outside but when inside exposes seafood heaven. Watch a store cut and prepare a fugu (puffer fish). Learn how to cut a tuna…. Salmon sashimi is some of the best I’ve had in Japan.

❼ Nipponbashi Denden Town  It’s tricky navigating these tucked away quirky stores. That’s what we’re here for…to take you to the gaming & cosplay zone and explore your inner nerdy side:)

❽ Shinsekai We’ll take you way of the beaten path to discover the retro zone where the Osakan locals show their true colors. From crazy fishing restaurants to boardgame gaming shops to retro video machine arcades to old vinyl record stores.

❾ Tower Knives Osaka We get a private knife lesson here. Understand the whole process of how a knife is made (crafted at the rear of the building). After you’ll get to experience cutting with these world famous knives of Sakai (made in the south of Osaka). This lesson is included in the price.


➓ Abeno Harukas Standing an impressive and staggering 300m tall, Abeno Harukasu is Japan’s tallest building (not structure or tower). Staggering!

 Shitennoji It is the first Buddhist and oldest officially administered temple in Japan. A temple that exudes spirituality…even if you’re not religious like me.

 Osaka Castle Osaka’s most notable structure. The park surrounding will also be explored mentioning its role in how it unified Japan!

 Morimoto Tatami Shop (If it is open, not open on set days) This concealed tatami shop off the main shopping area gives us a class on how the tatami mats are made with the igusa rush grass. Very unique experience

.⓮ Osaka Museum of Housing and Living (Only available on a 7hr tour) I’m not a huge fan of museums, but this one is very different. The highlight is a reconstruction of an ancient Osaka town featuring houses, stores and homes of  both the wealthy & commoners.

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You can head directly to the meeting point, or request pickup

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エコステーション21 千日前通駐輪場G, 2-chōme-2-8 Namba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0076, Japan
Hotel Pickup?
Your guide will pick you up at your hotel. Hotels where this option is available are in the Chuo-ku, Kita-ku, and Shin-Osaka areas of Osaka City.
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